Equestrian Events

When & How do I pay my booking fee?

- Payments need to be made prior to your event commencing to confirm your booking. Payment methods include bank deposit using the details below. Please include your name and event as the reference, 

ANZ - Kim Talbert

BSB 012429

Acc 277670605

Email your receipt along with your event, arena # and time of your test to kim@talbert.net.au.

If you prefer PayPal please use the facility below and be sure to include your name, event, arena # and time of your test.

What does the booking fee cover?

- For photo bookings your booking fee of $36.00 includes your choice of 1 full resolution image suitable for printing up to 8x12" from your gallery. Additional images are available for purchase via the website. You will also receive priority upload after the show as well as exclusive access to a special gallery price if you download your entire gallery.

- For video bookings you will receive your full test in Hi-Definition 720p mp4 format via dropbox to download to your computer.

What happens to my booking fee if the event is cancelled?

- If your event is officially cancelled by the club your booking fee can be refunded or applied to the next event attended by Catch Light.

What if I decide not to compete?

- If you notify Catch Light in writing with a minimum of 24hrs notice prior to the event commencing you can request a refund or have your booking fee applied to the next event attended by Catch Light.

- If less than 24hrs notice is given no refund is available but your booking fee can be applied to the next event attended by Catch Light.

- If  no notice is given your booking fee will be forfeited.

What size digital file should I order?

- Depends on what you would like to use the file for. If you only need to show it off on your Facebook page or email it to your loved ones you can order the web sized files which are $18ea. If you would like to be able to share online as well as make prints up to 8x12" you can order the original resolution files which are $36ea.

Are my prints coming from the USA?

- Yes this site is hosted in the USA and all prints will be sent from their connected print lab. Don't worry though the quality and service is excellent and the postage costs are very reasonable. If you prefer to print them locally you can order the digital download and take them to your preferred printer or contact me for more options.

If I order prints do I get the digital files as well?

- You can order prints or downloads of your images. The digital files don’t automatically accompany your prints. If you like, once you have placed your order for prints you can request a copy of the digital file in web size for use on Facebook.  However, if you would like to make additional prints you will need to purchase the original size or low-resolution digital file.

A word about copyright

As a freelance photographer at equestrian events, according to the Australian Copyright Council, Catch Light owns the copyright on all images taken.

When you purchase your image from an event it is for the purpose of private use only and does not allow you to resell, redistribute or alter the image in any way. This includes passing the image on to your sponsors, entering them in photographic competitions or submitting to publications without written permission from Catch Light. If you are unsure please ask, in many cases we can come to a mutual agreement. If however, you are using images without purchasing them you are essential stealing and will be sent an invoice for your usage of the image. 

You are welcome to use your purchased images for sharing on social media, sale advertisements and personal websites/blogs. It would be greatly appreciated if you credit Catch Light Photoimaging for the image with a link to my website or Facebook page. A few kind words can go a long way to supporting my business and help me to continue to support the clubs that bring you these events.

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